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SmellMaiPits- Seriously, smell them!!

Ok, so... YOU STINK yes?

Well! if you Try my Deodorant and you Still Stink I will Personally give you a Full Refund!

Not convinced yet?


Right now...

Do it...

And be honest...

Not terrible. Not outstanding though? Could DEFINITELY be better..

I want you to literally smell like the air. Fresh, neutral, nothing AIR. 

My Deodorant will do that for you!

100% natural down to every single drop. And 100% no smell.

Legit; you will never stink again.

To the extent that if you use this deo and you still stink you’ll get a full refund!!!!!

I was experiencing the same, exact thing every single day before this Deo...


I would have literally just showered but I still stank. I was so insecure.

I’m so OCD with cleanliness and I was still shtunking.

It made me depressed and anxious and worried to go out.

I would only go to places that had Aircon. Terrified of sweating. It was becoming ridiculous.



A (now) Professor of Dermatology gave me the single most important fact about body odour: sweat doesn’t stink, bacteria does.

Your body NEEDS to sweat, to detox. But the bacteria that come out with the sweat can cause that dreaded pong. I started researching this like a crazy person.

I still really hated using chemical deodorants and antiperspirants because of all the research linking them to breast cancer (but in that moment when you’re going to a function and you can't face feeling embarrassed; stinking isn’t an option!).

I tried Every. Single. Brand.


And I still bloody ended up smelling like deodorant mixed with sweat anyway!

What’s the point of using carcinogenic chemicals under your arms if they don’t even keep you 100% stink free?!?!


So I shifted my focus. Instead of trying to stop sweat, I decided to make killing the bacteria my mission.

The results were almost instant. I couldn’t believe it. I made EVERYONE smell my armpits.

I walked around smelling myself all day.

It became comical. It’s taken me three years, since then, to perfect my original formula;

but now you can literally have the exact same confidence I have;

because you will never, ever, ever, ever, ever stink again!!!!!!




Well! if you Try my Deodorant and you Still Stink I will Personally give you a Full Refund!

FAQs for blog post -SmellMaiPits- Seriously, smell them!!

1. What causes body odor?

Body odor is primarily caused by the presence of bacteria on the skin that break down sweat into compounds that produce an unpleasant smell.

2. How does natural deodorant differ from conventional deodorant?

Natural deodorants typically use ingredients derived from plants or minerals, avoiding chemicals like parabens, phthalates, and aluminum compounds often found in conventional deodorants.

3. Do natural deodorants effectively control body odor?

Yes, natural deodorants can effectively control body odor by neutralizing bacteria without blocking sweat glands, allowing the body to detox naturally.

4. Why should I switch to natural deodorant?

Switching to natural deodorant reduces exposure to potentially harmful chemicals and supports a more eco-friendly approach to personal care.

5. Will natural deodorant prevent sweating?

Natural deodorants are not antiperspirants and won't block sweat glands. They allow the body to sweat while controlling odor-causing bacteria.

6. Is it normal to experience an adjustment period when switching to natural deodorant?

Yes, some people may experience a transition period as their body adjusts to natural deodorant. This can include increased sweating or temporary odor as the body detoxifies from previous chemical exposure.

7. How often should I apply natural deodorant?

Natural deodorants should be applied as needed throughout the day, especially after showering or physical activity.

8. Can natural deodorant stain clothing?

Some natural deodorants may contain ingredients that could potentially stain clothing. It's advisable to let the deodorant dry completely before getting dressed to minimize the risk of staining.

9. Are there any potential side effects of using natural deodorant?

While natural deodorants are generally well-tolerated, some individuals may experience irritation or allergic reactions to certain ingredients. It's recommended to patch-test new products and discontinue use if any adverse reactions occur.

10. Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee with your natural deodorant?

Yes, we offer a satisfaction guarantee with our natural deodorant. If you're not fully satisfied with the product, we'll provide a full refund.                                                  


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