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Will Deodorant REALLY give you Breast Cancer?!?!

Aluminium salts are used as the active antiperspirant agent in underarm cosmetics, but the effects of widespread, long term and increasing use remain unknown, especially in relation to the breast, which is a local area of application.

Clinical studies showing a disproportionately high incidence of breast cancer in the upper outer quadrant of the breast, together with reports of genomic instability in outer quadrants of the breast, provide supporting evidence for a role for locally applied cosmetic chemicals in the development of breast cancer.

Aluminium is known to have a genotoxic profile, capable of causing both DNA alterations and epigenetic effects, and this would be consistent with a potential role in breast cancer if such effects occurred in breast cells

see published research here.

So thats the study about the dangers of using aluminium based deodorant.

But is this really a fair representation of the facts?

Because the truth is you can find a study to prove anything - I know, I've conducted my own! And, in this debate specifically, there are literally endless options of studies "proving" the point on both sides.

So what do I actually believe?

I think that we are exposed to so much that is out of our control, we may as well control what we can.

I know that the underarms are the filtration system of the body and I don't feel comfortable clogging them up.

And, I know I don't want to smell.

So, basically, I don't want to take the chance with breast cancer IF there is a viable alternative that ACTUALLY works.

Like I'm 100% not going to stink, and it's 100% natural - right?

That's Mothers' Nature - buy your first stick and never stink again (or your money back).

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