If you try my deodorant and you Still Stink, I will, personally, give you a Full Refund!


 Right now...

Do it...

And be honest...

Not terrible. Not outstanding though? Could DEFINITELY be better..

I want you to literally smell like the air. Fresh, neutral, nothing AIR. 

My Deodorant will do that for you!

100% natural down to every single drop. And 100% no smell.

Legit; you will never stink again.

To the extent that if you use this deo and you still stink you’ll get a full refund!!!!!

I was experiencing the same thing every single day before this Deo...I would have literally just showered but I still stank!

I’m so OCD with cleanliness and I was still shtunking. It made me depressed and anxious and worried to go out.

I would only go to places that had Aircon. Terrified of sweating.
It was becoming ridiculous.



A (now) Professor of Dermatology gave me the single most important fact about body odour: sweat doesn’t stink, bacteria does.

Your body NEEDS to sweat, to detox. But the bacteria that come out with the sweat can cause that dreaded pong.

I started researching like a crazy person. I still really hated using chemical deodorants and antiperspirants because of all the research linking them to breast cancer (but in that moment when you’re going to a function and you can't face feeling embarrassed; stinking isn’t an option!).

I tried Every. Single. Brand.


And I still bloody ended up smelling like deodorant mixed with sweat anyway!

What’s the point of using carcinogenic chemicals under your arms if they don’t even keep you 100% stink free?!?!


So I shifted my focus. Instead of trying to stop sweat, I decided to make killing the bacteria my mission.

The results were almost instant. I couldn’t believe it. I made EVERYONE smell my armpits.

I walked around smelling myself all day.

It became comical.

It’s taken me three years, since then, to perfect my original formula;

but now you can literally have the exact same confidence I have;


you will never, ever, ever, ever,

ever stink again!!!!!!