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*Please Note: This page constitutes our official Disclaimer and T&C's.

Before our T&C's I would like to say this:

 If you truly want to Never Stink Again then you have to give your body a chance to adapt. Use the smallest amount of deo every day and don't take a break. If you experience any of the common change-over symptoms then we have all the remedies listed below.

You may have a few days of discomfort but we have yet to find someone who didn't feel that "pushing through" was, ultimately, SO WORTH IT!

(Also, something WEIRDLY counterintuitive, that really works,

is to quit all soap once you've made the switch to our Deo.

Mad, but effective).

All my love and Smooches,



Our T&C's concern (but are not limited to) 2 issues: Reactions and Refunds...

After serving 30 000+ deodorants to our magical community, the most important thing you need to know is about a possible reaction:

Every human being alive hosts Candida Fungii (Candida Albicansin their bodies and on their skin. When in balance candida does not cause problems; but when overgrown in causes thrush.


Candida LOVES a warm and moist environment - which is exactly what your armpits will now become once you allow them to sweat again - as nature intended.

And, because candida is a fungus not a bacteria; the bicarb in our deo won't kill it.

Furthermore Candida overgrows when the PH of its environment is off balance (in this case your underarms). 

Natural Deodorants contain Sodium Bicarbonate which changes the PH of the surface of your skin.


Bicarb is an alkaliser. Normal skin has a PH of 5.5. The armpits are 6.0; and Bicarb is a whopping 9.0. 

Many customers refuse to trust my instruction of 1 swipe up and 1 swipe down per armpit per day and overuse the deo. This will almost undoubtedly cause thrush in the armpit.

Symptoms here include:

itching, dry skin, flaking, darkening, painful lumps, and pimple-like cysts.

Armpit thrush SUCKS!

The best way to prevent it is to be vary sparing with your deo - because a tiny bit goes a very long way.

Furthermore, if you do have other factors going on in your body (eg. poor gut microbiome etc) you could still get this "bicarb burn".

The quickest and easiest way to cure it is with an OTC anti-fungal cream like this one.



You can make my pit-rot-bomb by mixing these: OTC antifungal cream, OTC cortisonze ointment, and any zinc based baby bum cream like SudoCreme.

Apply to the armpit thrush and make sure to remove the top layer of your deo stick with an antibacterial wipe to be safe.

Also please remember:


I am NOT a Dr, just an armpit-obsessed research junkie; so if you feel, instinctively, that something is not right; 

please seek urgent medical advice from a licensed dermatologist!

I found this article super relevant and interesting too...

Also; here are the T&C's for the refund:

1. This must be your first time using the Deo. The refund offered is on one Deodorant stick only irrelevant of flavour. The different scents are just for fun and have no impact on the efficacy of the deo. 

2. You need to go through our screening questionnaire and make changes if necessary.

3. You will need to perform our Deo Test.

4. You will need to return the Deo to us (in the same way you would need to return a faulty product to the store in a regular retail setting).

5. There is only one refund offered per customer.

6. We do NOT offer our stink-free refund for Bicarb-Burn / Thrush in the same way antibiotics can cause thrush; so can our Deo.

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