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Four Products that have Legit Changed my Life in 2021.

I really don’t use any products. I’m talking cosmetics, self care, make-up etc.

BUT in the last few months a few select items have made their way into my orbit and they are 100% staying.

I thought I would be super generous and share them with you.

Here goes:

1. THOCLOR spray.

I had a terrible inflammatory response reaction recently, from something that I was highly allergic to. My skin was a disaster and I didn’t even realise. A kind friend was honest enough to ask me what exactly was happening to my face.

Long story short: THOCLOR.

It’s a 100% natural spray of water and hypochloric acid. I spray it onto my face morning and night and I am now a magnificent, glowing goddess (again).

You can get this miracle magic for R800 a bottle, which will last you a month or more, from Donna: 078 803 0365

2. Bentonite Clay.

I was suffering with such debilitating musculoskeletal pain that my Dr thought I had a bleed from my epidural. I was scheduled to have chortisone injected into my spinal joints; when another kind friend begged me not to. She said just detox your body. OBVIYAS

She sent me a bucket of bentonite clay and a bottle of distilled water. My kids and I got into the shower and made literal mud from the two. We had the best time covering ourselves in bentonite clay mud. Face, scalp, armpits, EVERYWHERE.

Then I sat in the shower meditating while it dried. I could genuinely feel my body pulsing. It felt like the rubbish was being sucked out of my body through my skin. It was the most profound experience.

That night we slept at my in laws on the couch so I should have been in agony the next day. I woke up and did not complain of pain the entire day.

Not one single tramacette.

Now I “clay bath” about once every two weeks. I’m obsessed.

I got the clay and distilled water from Bev: 061 974 6617

3. Multi Greens.

Most people are scared of MLM scheme businesses and I have been no different.

BUT my intellectual soul-mate said something very wise to me: just because it’s a pyramid doesn’t mean the products aren’t amazing. So true.

Young Living is predominantly an essential oils business but I have actually fallen in love with their “other” products. At the top of my list is there multi green supplement. It has all of your daily “green” essentials.

My body is SO acidic and all disease lives and breeds in an acidic climate. Green things (or Chlorophyl) are the critical neutraliser of acidity in the body. These supplements have really made the biggest impact on me. I just feel better and healthier.

To learn more about balancing your body’s acidity I highly recommend reading a book called: ‘The PH Miracle’ - by Dr. Robert O Young and Shelly Redford Young.

For more info on MultiGreens you can contact Lara: 082 821 6666

4. Mothers’ Nature Deodorant

This isn’t even a shameless punt. Well it is, obviously, but it’s also 100% true.

I really always worried that I was shtünky. Maybe I was paranoid but they say that if you think you smell you probably do.

That phrase haunted me.

This deodorant has changed my life. I literally NEVER EVER smell. I can sit in the sun sweating for two hours and I still just smell like.. nothing. It’s magic. I love it so much. And, of course, it’s 100% natural.

The link between conventional deodorant and breast cancer is just too scary for me to ignore.

To get yo’self some go to:

(NOTE: If you buy my deodorant and still stink I will give you a full refund!! T&C‘S apply).

I would love to have a fifth option here to make this post a bit more meaty but I don’t really have another product that has literally changed my life.

So I have four. Minimalism for the win.


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