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Q 1: I used your Deodorant but I Still Stink, help?

This is very, very, likely because of the items of clothing you are wearing! 


Bacteria lodges itself into the fibres of certain fabrics. Our deodorant won’t work if there is odour-causing bacteria living inside the armpit fabric of your clothing. This will need to be vigorously treated with a thick paste made of bicarb and water. Pretreat the patch of fabric by wetting it and then pouring on a generous layer of Bicarb. Let it sit for about an hour and then chuck in the wash as normal. Personally, I need to repeat this once every 6-8 months.


You should really perform our Deo Test urgently!


If this doesn't help then please e-mail privately on so we can walk through the assessment process and questions together. 




Q 2: My Underarms have turned very dark /black?




Natural Deodorants contain Sodium Bicarbonate which changes the PH of the surface of your skin.


Bicarb is an alkaliser. Normal skin has a PH of 5.5. The armpits are 6.0; and Bicarb is a whopping 9.0. 


Plus our Body’s PH is constantly vacillating based on a multitude of factors;

but if you want the intense odour killing power of bicarb, without the toxic chemicals of conventional deo,

then you have to play your hand. 

Your body's PH is controlled by your gut - if your gut isn't perfectly Healhty this will be a perpetual problem.

As a long term solution we recommend resetting your gut.

In the meantime use this mask on your pits:

Create a thick paste of: turmeric powder (2 spoons), honey (ideally raw), fresh lemon juice (from one lemon), and thick, full cream, plain yogurt. Spread over the entire armpit and leave for 15-25 minutes. 


If none of this helps then please seek medical attention from a Dermatologist. 




Q 3: Can I use this on a child?



We have had great success with stinky children as young as seven years old. However, it’s always best to consult your Dr. With any concerns or queries first.




Q 4: Can I buy this for my husband?



Our Deodorant is 100% Gender-Neutral and suitable for any/all genders and bodies. 




Q 5: Is it safe for pregnancy?



We have had multiple pregnant and breastfeeding woman use (and love) our products! However, it’s always best to consult your Dr. With any concerns or queries first. Do not use the Wicks Bubblegum flavour in pregnancy as it contains Wintergreen essential oil. 




Q 6: Will the Deo stain my clothes?



No more than any other store bought deodorant.


However, if you are getting oily, stained patched under your arms you are likely using too much.


We recommend pretreating with either a paste, made of bicarb and water, or with good, old, Sunlight Bar Soap.

Make a thick lather and leave in the sun for an hour. (NB: separate whites, lights, and darks!)


Do not rinse.


Chuck in the wash as normal.




Q 7: How long will it last?



If used correctly (one - two swipe/s, up and down, per armpit, per day) the stick deodorant should last 6-8 weeks.



Q 8: Do you supply any stores?



We are a strictly e-commerce business HOWEVER we keep a limited supply of products at

‘Feel Healthy’ in Glenhazel, JHB.


The store is located in the Hollywood Centre on Northfield Avenue.




Q 9: What is the shelf life of the deo?



The Deo does not contain any water and, as such, can be considered non-perishable.


Please note, however, that we use only the purest essential oils and, as such, these may colour the deo over time.


Further more the texture and consistency of our deo may vary slightly over time as our ingredients are 100% natural.


We also find that our deo is slightly softer in hotter weather and slightly harder in colder weather. 




Q 10: Can I use the deo after I shave?



Q 11: Why is your product packaged in plastic?


I have done an insane amount of research into this because I am psychotic about saving the planet. My family of 5 even live in a tiny house i've dubbed the ecopod. It’s 55 squares. But I digress…


So the whole plastic thing is actually very counterintuitive. The carbon footprint to produce plastic is 1/1000th of any natural, or organic matter, eg. paper or linen. Plus hard plastic (which our container is) is the most widely recycled substance in the country (and, indeed the planet).


PLUS natural containers such as glass, cotton, linen, or paper actually release methane gas into the atmospheres UNLESS they are disposed of by composting. MOST people know about recycling but hardly anyone actually knows about composting - or does it properly.


So taking peoples’ ignorance into account; I have to assume that when they dispose of their container, the very best I can hope for is, recycling. I can’t assume they will know to compost a natural container and I don’t want to be response for someone “throwing away” the container because its natural, and then that container ends up in landfill, and, because of the compression without oxygen it releases methane into the atmosphere. 


Ironically, plastic, when in landfill, does not release any methane.


The plastic in the oceans, on the other hand, is actually from littering. Which is a person to person issue. It’s not from responsible, municipal managed waste disposal.




Q 12: But, How do I Use The Product?

The crowning glory of the Mothers’ Nature range. Our stick deodorant will eliminate odour no matter how foul and keep you 100% fresh for 24 hours or longer (from the time you apply until the time you wash it off!). 

Made with only 100% natural ingredients. There will be a faint smell of organic essential oils when you apply; but a perfectly neutral smell under the arms throughout the day. 


Disclaimer: this product contains sodium bicarbonate which will alkalise the surface of the skin.


Symptoms include: bicarb "burn", discolouration of the skin, and shedding of underarm skin. See above for remedies.


If reaction does not pass after 2-4 weeks seek medical attention. 


This is not an antiperspirant. 


You WILL sweat. You WILL NOT smell. 


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