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Toothpaste; not Wi-Fi causes cancer.

Being the (self-appointed) social commentator that I am I’ve been intrigued (read: terrified) by all the hype surrounding Wi-Fi, radio waves, radiation and so on. But also; Wi-Fi is life, right?

I decided I wanted to know, once and for all, what the story is.

Herewith, find my totally informal, unsupervised, mini-research project circa yesterday afternoon.

Step 1: The Hypothesis: exposure to Wi-Fi can cause cancer.

I’ve formalised and simplified this statement as the hypothesis because, really, this is all a hyper-exaggerated fear based investigation and so that is the core “value/belief” which fuelled this “study”. I am WELL aware that ‘Wi-Fi causes cancer’ is not actually an ethically sound, or scientifically valid hypothesis on any, remote, level.

Step 2: Research methodology: do everything in my power, within the reasonable limitations of November 2019 Google, to find solid evidence that Wi-Fi (and/or frequent use of a cell phone) causes cancer.

To this end I spent eight solid hours yesterday (only paused for dinner and a bath) open-mindedly, and open-endedly, conducting an informal literature review about the causes of cancer and the effects of Wi-Fi (or radio wave exposure), respectively.

Step 3: Research findings: I could not find one; single: paper, article, research project, or thesis with any links between cancer and radio waves whatsoever.

Furthermore, one study noted that cell phone use has been rapid, widespread, and increasing drastically over the past 20 years, and yet, the incidence of brain cancer worldwide has not increased even remotely. The statists are totally flat an unchanged over this longitudinal period.

What did scare the living soul right out of me, however, was the conclusive evidence I did discover of exposure that is clinically proven to increase the risk of developing cancer.

Across every single study I read yesterday the following findings were 100% consistent – IE there wasn’t a paper I read that didn’t include these:

1. Formaldehyde (found in the majority of store-bought toothpaste unless specifically stated otherwise – Colgate seems to declare they don’t).

2. Aluminium (found in all store bought deodorant unless specifically stated otherwise. Also, tinfoil).

3. Hormones (e.g. ‘the pill’, fertility treatments, those used in the animal food industry e.g. hormone stimulated cows for beef, etc.).

4. Genetics - pot luck on this one I’m afraid.

5. Cortisol (i.e. stress/the stress hormone) which causes cell deterioration and weakening of DNA strands; it also drastically weakens the immune system which can allow for illnesses to take hold such as…

6. Viruses, most notably: Epstein Bar virus (lymphoma), Hepatitis (liver cancers), Pylori Bacterium (a severe stomach infection – gastric cancer), and HPV (cervical cancer).

7. Chemical Exposure due to extreme work conditions (think asbestos installers).

Step 4: Discussion: so what can we do?

Well, firstly I would advise calming the heck down. Don’t be so terrified and anxious about the Wi-Fi because those spikes in cortisol (causes by your STRESS around the Wi-Fi) have a stronger chance of increasing your cancer risk, than the bloody Wi-Fi itself.

Then I would ABSOLUTELY detox from store bought to homemade toothpaste and deodorant (I have recipes in previous posts – obviously). This will help to preserve your: planet, pocket and personal health! No brainer.

Take a careful look at the hormones you are ingesting. Perhaps using the timing method, instead of the pill, for example, is a better decision for you. Perhaps it’s not. Personally, I have been blessed to have access to fertility drugs and would take any and all of those risks a million times over for the rewards of my magnificent children KAH. Eating hormone fed animals, however, seems borderline suicidal.

And finally, REST!!!! Prioritise yourself, regenerate, meditate, sleep, bath, do yoga, take walks in nature, cuddle your children, spoon your husband, ANYTHING to reduce cortisol levels in your body. Don’t be shy now, just do it.

Step 5: Conclusion: Wi-Fi is not dangerous in terms of increases your risk of developing cancer.

And stressing about it, for starters, is way, way more damaging. So change your mind-set and re-frame Wi-Fi from the scary ghost in the ether to the friendly, first-world luxury that literally holds up our entire lives today. Einstein said that once the mind accepts into itself a new idea it can never return to its original size. I think this is true of the proverbial mind of our current reality and the necessity and benefits of Wi-Fi.

Positivity is priceless; perspective is key.

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