• Simone Penn

Religion of child? Jewish.

How; but actually HOW do I even begin to articulate the meaning of this sentence to me.

I need to take a breath.

This morning I filled out forms for my children to attend King David Linksfield. They will be third generation Penns attending the school. Wait, I need to go sob into a pillow.

Ok I’m back.

Filling out this form was possibly the single highest moment of my life and career as a mother, so far. Almost every line contained more information, more history and more emotions than anything else I’ve done within parenthood...

Marital status: married

Are you a member of a Shul: yes

Did you attend kind David: yes

And of course,

Religion of child: Jewish.


My children are Jewish and no one can ever take that away from them. My children carry the highest form of responsibility and privilege I know to exist in this world. They are Jews.

My son will be one of a few children in tzitzit everyday and I am SO proud of him. My daughter will wear skirts on the weekends too and I am so proud of her. They have no idea how easy they’ve got it, carrying these immense responsibilities, these mitzvahs I dreamed of fulfilling when I was only a few years older than they are now.

When I attended Kind David, those magical twelve years that I remember with absolute elation, I was not a Jew. And it was my sole and wholehearted wish and dream to change this. To correct it. I knew what was within me and who came before me and it wasn’t an option to ignore.

I actually owe almost all of who I am to this institution. This place that cannot be contained to the walls or the corridors or even the people. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts; and my goodness is it great.

At King David I learned how to read and write; I learned to count and how to take responsibility for my actions; and I made friends. I made friends at school who were, and are, no less than soul mates. There’s not a memory or milestone I’ve endured or achieved that they weren’t present for. Cheering for me, consoling me, and eating with me.

I owe this school so much and I simply need to take a minute to acknowledge how enormous this full circle moment is.

So thank you King David, we won’t let you down...

It feels good to be home.

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