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Let’s actually just infect each other already!

I had written a blog about how utterly freeing it can be, during this time, to surrender to the will of G-D. But something is holding me back from sharing it.

Instead, for now, I want to share this...

Corona is not the only highly infectious virus in the world. It’s not the only infectious “thing” in the world.

Something even more contagious, something even more powerful, something that can spread even faster than Corona Virus; is hope.

With permission from a dear friend, mentor, and Rebbetzin, I want to share the following with you: let us initiate a rampant transmission of positivity.

Messages of love, faith, hope and positivity do not require human to human transmission. They do not require anything, whatsoever, in the material world. Which is lucky because Corona Virus has pulled us, categorically, out of that world anyway. Love simply requires a feeling. A thought. A moment in time.

I know there is rampant fear and worry and anxiety and pain and suffering. That much is an unavoidable fact of life and of the current pandemic.

How we choose to respond to that reality, however, is the only real power we have right now. It is what will set us apart. And what will ultimately hold us and save us.

Faith is a choice. And once you’ve made the choice to believe is something better than this; I urge you to share it. Infect your loved ones with acute positivity. And watch the world change.

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