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ECOPODNOMORE Mon 8 July 2019

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

Home is not a House but a Feeling’.

This is the sentiment I’m trying to focus on right now because, well, we’ve officially moved out of the EcoPod - A tiny home I dreamed of creating for about ten years and designed inch inch.

Every detail was agonized over. Only the essential essentials made the cut. It was a place of less but better. It was a place that I weaved my identity into. My soul was, almost literally, painted onto the walls (and the ceramics). And now we’re gone.

I’m not going to post why we left but I will say that our move had nothing to do with physical space. Our tiny home felt so spacious. The garden was our Eden. But there is more to space than just the material.

So one week ago we packed 22 boxes and 5 pieces of hand luggage; and moved out of the EcoPod and into a McMansion. The antithesis of everything I’ve worked so hard to create. Not even a gas stove.

I have no conclusions. No great revelations of positivity. But we are together. And their hearts are my home.

It seems in my, almost pigheaded, quest for less, I somehow made the “stuff” my focus anyway, Just on the reverse end of the spectrum

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