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5 Genuinely Good things to come of Corona.

This isn’t a political post It’s not meant to be offensive. I also hate death. This is just my humble take on how to survive the mental fiasco that is February 2021.

Ladies and gentlemen I give you:

‘5 genuinely good things to come of Corona’:

1. Excuses for liiiife.

Before corona we only had our kids to blame when we needed to get out of something. And let’s be honest in South Africa “I don’t have a sitter”‘isn’t super realistic. But now, omg, you can just fake a sneeze and you’re golden. One doesn’t even need to grow self esteem. Just blame corona and you never have to do anything outside your house ever again.

2. School drop.

Where my night owls at?!? I literally used to get dressed to take my kids to school. I’m talking bra, brushed teeth, and actual clothing. Like a crazy person. Now I just roll into my car and slap on a mask. Am I wearing pants? Maybe. Did I brush my teeth? You’ll never know. The other day I did actually get myself dressed for school drop and it confused me. I literally don’t know why I did that.


Forget meetings that could have been emails, how about full blown offices that are now the kitchen table?! Can you tell I hate leaving the house?

4. On. Line. Shopping.

Omg hellooooooooo! And welcome to the free world every-product-i’ve-ever-wanted-to-own! I literally ordered a Batman logo cookie cutter to myself yesterday. What a time to be alive. (Sidebar: EVERYONE delivers and I will pay you every last shekel to do so).

5. WhatsApp.

The world has finally realised that WhatsApp is the single most underrated business tool in existence. I have no idea why it took a global pandemic of flu-like symptoms to prompt this but my Dr. now WhatsApps me scripts. And my butcher WhatsApps me my lamb invoice. And, true as G-d, last week, I drove to Franjelicas, in my pajamas, Whatsapped a woman exactly 3 meters away from me, and she brought a pizza to my car. Adult level: expert.

Look, I know I may be scraping the barel here but I’m a fan of not hating my life. And these five little luxuries help.

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1 Kommentar

This made me laugh so much I had to read it again this am to start my day on a jovial, laughing note. Thanks for helping me Marbim my Simcha this adar. You the freegin best!!!!

Gefällt mir
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