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No Purchase Challenge Findings (and Reboot)

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

Yesterday (Thursday 25 July 2019) was the 30th day of my no purchase challenge and I could not be prouder of myself.

Now before I toot my own horn; let me remind you of the rules:

1. Absolutely no purchases other than groceries and medical (ie necessities).

2. Make a list of items you wish to buy and review in 30 days.

3. Match any cheat purchases with a donation to a charity of your choice. Ie there’s a negative 100% “discount” on all non-essential purchases.

Now the findings:

Firstly, there is not a single item on my wishlist that I still want. It’s crazy. Now that the initial excitement has worn off none of the shoes/bags/pot-plants seem decent enough to actually go back and purchase.

Turns out I didn’t need them but I also don’t actually WANT them.

Then there’s the cheating.

I spent R1189 (roughly $84 US) on non-essentials this month. Each one had a vague justification (see below) but nothing sufficient to excuse the purchase so I will be matching that amount in a donation today.

Here are my cheats:

2 X new kids balls. On day one in new house (yes yes the EcoPod is empty) we went to do grocery shopping and Judah said: “our new house has no balls”. I just couldn’t.


New outfit for ayden (we went out and she poonami’d through about five layers of clothing and it was freezing so felt I had no choice but then she point blank refused to get dressed and spent the rest of the outing naked. Go figure).


Domestic uniform for the lady I’ve just hired.


Recipe book for my new domestic. This one is the real cheat if you ask me. Don’t know what I was thinking.


3 baby turbans for Ayden and Judah from a friend whom I adore and wanted to support.




But lastly, and most significantly, I spent a full 40% LESS in the past 30 Days than my average monthly spend over the last 18 months. I simply cannot believe it. Or how much I was spending on things I thought I absolutely needed.

I really do (and did) think of myself as a person who values consciousness and awareness.

I’m shocked at how much unconscious spending I was doing!!!

So now it’s time for round 2!!

I challenge you all to another 30 days, or to start your challenge with me TODAY!!

I’m also adding a 4th rule for myself:

No lunches in restaurants! After reviewing my credit card statement this would make a big financial impact for me. Drinks are still allowed and/or a shared snack for the kids (eg. plate of hot potato chips or a muffin).

Ready.. break!

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