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If you Try my Deodorant and you Still Stink I will Personally Refund You!

Ice-Cold Lemonade

Gentle enough for kiddies pits.
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Product Details

Our stick deodorant will eliminate odour no matter how foul and keep you 100% fresh.

Made with only 100% natural ingredients. There will be a faint smell of organic essential oils when you apply; but a perfectly neutral smell under the arms throughout the day.

Disclaimer: this product contains sodium bicarbonate which will alkalise the surface of the skin. Symptoms may occur - please see the 'URGENT' page for remedies. If reaction does not pass after 2-4 weeks seek medical attention.

This is not an antiperspirant.

You WILL sweat. You WILL NOT smell.

USAGE: I (simi) use mine every morning and i do four swipes and it lasts me 3 months + But each person will find their own sweep spot NB: hold the deo for a count of 7 before swiping - only turn the roll up a hair’s breath.

NB: Please make sure you have read our URGENT page online. Completion of purchase will constitute confirmation of comprehension. Find it here:

Ingredients: Coconut oil, organic beeswax, bicarbonate of soda, tapioca root powder, sesame seed oil, grape seed oil, sweet almond oil, wheatgerm oil, sunflower seed oil, olive fruit oil, organic essential oils.



The best advice I can give you about moving to my deo is to persevere!

If you truly want to Never Stink Again then you have to give your body a chance to adapt. Use the smallest amount of deo. If you experience any of the common change-over symptoms then we have all the remedies listed on the 'Urgent' page ( ).

You may have a few days of discomfort but we have yet to find someone who didn't feel that "pushing through" was, ultimately, SO WORTH IT!

All my love and Smooches,



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