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So you tried My Deo and you Still Stink?


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(or re-familiarise yourself with the T&C's here)

This is my first experience with SmellMaiPits Deodorant.
I have treated all my tops and bra's with a NATURAL detergent / bicarb paste.
I was NOT wearing 100% natural fibres at the time.
I was NOT wearing brand new clothing at the time.
I noticed the body odour resurgence WITHIN 18 hours of applying the deo.
I have tried reapplying the deodorant OVER the stink to allow it to "eat" the smell right off me.
My Deodorant has a slightly grainy / granular texture.
I have read the URGENT_PAGE.
I have taken the 'Ultimate Deo Test' to check if I REALLY still stink.
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