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If you would like to become a seller of Mothers’ Nature Deodorant it’s very simple. 


Obviously you need to have/create your platform (whether it be retail or e-commerce etc); copy any and all marketing off of any of OUR platforms (FB,insta, and YouTube); start advertising; create a pre-order list (if you want to avoid holding unassigned stock); and order on our website!


We have an automatic WHOPPING 30% trade discount on any twenty deo’s or more and free shipping so it’s really easy to start. 


This is all done through our e-commerce store in the same way you would place a “normal” order.


We will also direct any and all queries to you when people want to shop in person in your particular area. We get ALOT of requests!!!!


Just tell me who you are and how you prefer to be contacted and we will send them to you.


Happy Selling!

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