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Hi Guys,
it's me, Simi


"I want you to literally smell like the air. Fresh, neutral, nothing AIR' - that's the goal; the essence behind my creation; my fifth child - if you will.


I'm Simi Penn, and if you don't know it by now, i'm the VERY straight-talking founder & CEO of the Mothers' Nature Tribe and SmellMaiPits Life-Changing Natural Deodorant.


When I "launched" my deo's, I knew I was onto something good, but I have absolutely zero idea of the overwhelming and viral success that was, thankfully, to follow.


Our deo is made from 100% natural (and EDIBLE) ingredients like coconut oil, bicarb, essential oils, and a vegan beeswax substitute; you probably know this already. But what you might not know is that for the longest time I actually sat mixing them, myself, on the stove of my kitchen in a Le Creuset soup pot! 

good times..

Today, though, SmellMaiPits is more than a business—it's a personal pledge to eliminate commercial deodorants with harmful aluminum from the market. And Stinky People. 


 The funny thing is, my initial motivation wasn’t to create a hugely successful online business (currently valued by VC's who scouted US at R20 000 000!) or even to help millions cure their stink forever.


I just wanted to make a little extra cash for a pre-CPT Botox top-up one fateful December afternoon.


My husband told me to use my pocket money. Today we call it “vanity money”.


Anyway, I started by trialing my deodorants among members of a local Mommy Facebook group, and sharing information on the Mothers' Nature Tribe WhatsApp group. The promise to stop the stink using strictly organic ingredients quickly went viral - after one satisfied customer (who will now receive free deodorant for the rest of her life) posted a glowing review online. Within a week, I had made R11,000 cash, injected all of the Botox left in Johannesburg into my forehead, and women were LITERALLY beating down my door to get their hands on more Deo.


Things escalated quickly.


My phone did not stop ringing, even after I landed in Cape Town with the inability to move my face.

At this point, my husband Jonny a CA(SA), joined me on this journey. Together, we've turned SmellMaiPits into a well-oiled machine. I often joke that he works for me now and constantly threaten to fire him. I've had to rehire him thrice now, so far. 

The greatest key to our success, after Blessings from the Ultimate Creator, is embracing the digital world.


Though I’ve never been tech-savvy, I dived into learning about eCommerce, social selling, media buying, and the opportunities of the Meta platform. I joke that you wouldn't think I run an eCommerce business because I can't even use Zoom. But I followed those who excelled in media buying and using Meta, implemented their strategies, and watched my business grow exponentially. I was also introduced to Ecwid, a free eCommerce platform similar to Shopify - but better.


This allowed me to promote my deodorants and sell up to five different product, with multiple sub-categories, without paying a cent! i love you EcWid!!! (Just ask Kim K). EcWid actually landed up contacting me to produce a video for them!!!


Within the very first month we turned-over R50,000, then R120,000, then double and then double again...


With rapid growth came the need for expansion. We moved to a factory, started bulk-buying ingredients, and partnered with the greatest logistics company ever - Parcelninja!


My husband and I found the perfect location in the Fairmount to JHB to setup our factory. To manage production and logistics, I promoted my Domestic Helper Claudette, who seamlessly transitioned from managing my house to managing the factory. SmellMaiPits was then able to fund building Claudi's "Dream House" in Zim.


Now, as a more digitally savvy business owner, I use analytics to track the success of my product. I can see that once a customer buys one deodorant, they often return for more—two or three, then five or six, and even 12 at a time! 


Looking ahead, I’m trying my best to staying humble and remember this is all just a massive free gift from G-D and i owe every single thing to Him. The creator of this World. The only master i serve.


I like to tell people that creating a deodorant isn’t hard—if you can bake a cake, you can make a deodorant. The only thing that sets me apart is my  to do every single thing that "unsuccessful people" aren't willing to do. This includes, but is not limited to: telling the world I used to stink, asking random people to "smellmaipits", and standing on a street corner with an 'if you think you smell you probably do' sign that I painted at 2 'o clock in the morning using my son's school supplies. 


I’m so confident in my product that I offer a 100% guarantee: If you try my Deodorant and you Still Stink I will Personally EFT you a Refund


From a narcissistic (albeit urgent) need for Botox, to a multi-million-rand venture, I'm enjoying the ride and ensuring that anyone who suffers with insecurities from their pits doesn't have to.


*bows dramatically to zero audience members*

*8 month old baby gurgles in the corner*

*husband can be heard snoring loudly in the background*

and; scene.

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